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I'm trying to set up a simple client to server interface for calling functions/programs on the server. A client will send a simple command to the server listening for such commands. Once the server receives a command from the client it will execute the following function or program on the server. I have looked into a simple TCP server receiving a text string and parsing that string then executing the a function or external program. I have read into using XML-RPC implemented with a twisted server as well.

What I'm asking is which would be the easiest to set up or are there any other ways to easily do this task?


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There is a great tutorial for twisted that will do just fine as a teaching tool (and guide you by hand in writing a basic server/client services). Have a go at it http://twistedmatrix.com/documents/current/core/howto/tutorial/ what you will probably want to do is parse received info and act accordingly.

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If it is appliable in your case, maybe you can use full-featured system for async/remote job execution like Celery?

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There are more than one way to achieve your requirement ach with some pros and cons:

  • Python Low Level Sockets

Using Standard python socket libraries and cliet server architecture

  • Connecting to Server via protocols like Telnet/SSh and then triggering some code.

Using Python libraries like Telnet/ssh or Subprocess.


Sending a XMP RPC request as described here http://docs.python.org/2/library/xmlrpclib.html

In my opinion easiest method to achieve remote method triggering is via Python Subprocess Module. I generally use following kind of syntax for my general purposes.

import subprocess

ret = subprocess.call(["ssh", "user@host", "program"]);

# or, with stderr:
prog = subprocess.Popen(["ssh", "user@host", "program"], stderr=subprocess.PIPE)
errdata = prog.communicate()[1]

Hope it helps

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