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I am trying to use an authentication plugin for Yesod: yesod-auth-account. It provides a default form to use, and I am hoping to add some bootstrap/template specific styles to it. If I use a custom form, I'll have to override a lot of methods.

This is especially pressing since I'd like to reuse the form in different display contexts (in a navbar, next to the sign up form, etc).

Any ideas?

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You could wrap default email AuthPlugin:

authEmailCustom :: YesodAuthEmail m => AuthPlugin m
authEmailCustom =
    AuthPlugin "email" (apDispatch authEmail) $ \tm ->
<form method="post" action="@{tm loginR}">
    <input type="email" name="email">
    <input type="password" name="password">
    <input type="submit" value="submit">
    <a href="@{tm registerR}">I don't have an account

Just substitute your styled form. Then use it instead of default one:

instance YesodAuth App where
    authPlugins _ = [authEmailCustom]

Hope this helps.

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