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I have a Scala application which I usually run like "sbt run". Now I packaged whole project to a .WAR file (via sbt package). Then I put the file into webapps/ directory and restarted Jetty. Logs say that the application has been deployed. And I can see it if I go to /tmp/jetty..../. But, it seems that Jetty does not run the "main" method of my application. This method runs the Twitter Storm topology, but I feel like nothing really happens once the war is deployed. This is my first time dealing with Jetty. I appreciate any help.

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Do you understand how wars and application containers work? Your main method isn't supposed to be called. –  chrylis Sep 11 '13 at 19:09
@chrylis: I didn't, but now I do :) Thanks! –  jackson Sep 11 '13 at 19:29
If you are running Storm inside Jetty, that would be crazy. –  David James Mar 29 at 17:03

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There is no such thing as a main method for webapps and wars.

If you want something to startup when the deployment is complete, you'll want to create, setup, and configure a custom javax.servlet.ServletContextListener where your implementation of contextInitialized(ServletContextEvente sce) performs your twitter storm topology.


You can skip the entire deploy of a war on a standalone jetty process. To do that you would setup an embedded jetty instance where you can do whatever you want in your own custom main, from starting up jetty itself, to adding your webapp, to executing your own custom code.

See the OneWebApp embedded example.

In your use case, you would initialize your 'Twitter Storm topology' after the server.start(); and before the server.join();

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