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If I use MOSS 2007 or Sharepoint Services 3.0 with TFS do I need a license or is there an implicit license with TFS, like there is for SQL Server.



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You need a license for MOSS, but Sharepoint Services 3.0 are part of Windows and don't require a separate license to use. TFS only requires WSS to run. The stack looks like this:

       /   \
    MOSS   TFS
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WSS 3.0 comes free with Windows Server 2005/2008, MOSS always requires a separate license. TFS doesn't grant you any kind of SharePoint licensing afaik.

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Ray - as others have said you need a license for MOSS beyond your Windows Server and TFS licenses, but not WSS 3.0 for TFS 2008. TFS 2010 does not require WSS or MOSS at all if you have another site or portal solution (i.e. FlexWiki, Zen, Pivotal Tracker, etc).

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