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I just ran:

$ heroku fork -a oldapp newclonedapp

and it worked fine and runs etc. Now i want to pull the code down to work on it [i realize heroku is not for version control and i usually use github for this but in this case i need to get the code from the clone] and when i try:

$ heroku git:clone -a newclonedapp

i get a 'warning you have appeared to have cloned an empty directory' and the new newclonedapp directory is indeed empty.

what am i doing wrong??

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You're not doing anything wrong, it's a known issue of fork that it doesn't clone the source app repository. Until the issue is resolved, you'll need to manually clone the source repository. Here's how I'd do it:

$ git clone git@heroku.com:oldapp.git -o old newclonedapp
$ cd newclonedapp
$ heroku git:remote -a newclonedapp
$ git push heroku master

Basically, you clone the original repo to a new app directory, setup the heroku git remote and push to it to populate the new app repo.

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Thanks Ryan- that works!!!!!! –  user2284821 Sep 15 '13 at 18:15
Looks like they've decided it's a feature. Wish they'd update docs to make it clear it doesn't handle this for you. –  Erik Reppen Feb 18 at 19:36
This is great! But it seems that when I navigate into folder newcloneapp (even when manually moving this folder to its own director), Heroku still required me to specify an app name. Any idea why ? –  DaynaJuliana Mar 9 at 22:59

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