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my question is as follows.

i am quite new to programming but something i would very much like to do is be able to create a patcher for my applications incase i need to edit a bunch of them that all have the same mistake.

what i require is to build either a command line utility or cocoa application that will open a binary search it for a hex string then replace that string with the updated version then save the file and exit.

now preferably i would like a way to create myself a little cocoa application that can for example open a .app navigate to the binary open it, perform the search and replace function and save the result.

this would be extra handy for updating files i have sent to others as they can just patch their old version with this tool and the improvements will be implemented.

it is also important that the "patcher" does not include the original binary in the resources so the patch is super small. as my projects get bigger i surely do not want to have large bulky patches to send.

so basically if anyone can give me the overview of how i can get what i need made i will be hugely appreciative!

i will be using mac osx 10.8.4 and the latest developer tools / xcode .etc

it seems an easy enough concept and im sure its easily done. i just dont know how so if anyone can help me please post anything you think is helpful as any info i can get helps :)

many thanks in advance


Basically i would ideally want the patch to have a string of hex values .eg

B0 01 c3 0f 85 00 00 00 75 5b 90 90 90 20

That is long enough to be unique which i would ofcourse test prior to building the patch then just replace the relevent bytes .eg

Original : B0 01 c3 0f 85 00 00 00 75 5b 90 90 90 20 Patched : B0 01 c3 0f 84 00 00 00 74 5b 20 20 20 20

So it would be searching for a unique string of hex values and replacing it wih the edited string

Hope that clears things up


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Ah, the old binary search. Luckily, there's a library function for that. – Kerrek SB Sep 11 '13 at 21:12
It seems unlikely that search-and-replace in a binary will work for arbitrary executables. Why not just calculate an explicit patch with diff or similar? – Oliver Charlesworth Sep 11 '13 at 21:13
This sounds really dangerous to me. How do you know that the existing number is the only instance of that number you want to replace. Let's say you replace 0xabcd with 0xbeef. How do you know 0xabcd doesn't exist in some place you don't want to replace. Maybe I misudnerstand the question? – Charlie Burns Sep 11 '13 at 21:18
@KerrekSB: Think you are looking at a different type of "binary search". OP wants to find stuff in a binary file, not searching using the "binary search" method (with m = (h + l) / 2, and then replace either l or h with m depending on the value found, until value is found or l >= h). – Mats Petersson Sep 11 '13 at 21:18
Sparkle supports delta updates and would probably be a more reliable and user-friendly solution than rolling your own – sbooth Sep 11 '13 at 22:40

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