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I am trying to create some type of vlookup formula that will return different values for each occurrence of a wall panel. Some panels occur more than once but are installed in different builds and groups. I have a 2nd table identical to the one below that instead of the panels being from 3000-3197 in numerical order, they follow the order of installation on the job. So I need my 2nd table to spit out the data from my first table (shown below) for every individual occurrence of each panel no matter what order I put them in.

Click here for a screenshot of part of my table

My installation order would still be 1-333, but instead of 3000, 3000, 3001, etc. it might be 3153, 3043, 3041, 3022, 3023, and so on. I need my 2nd table to be flexible to the installation order changing. In my mind, each row needs to somehow be "grouped" so that I have 1-333 down 1 column (that will never change), and in the column directly to the right I can input panel numbers as they occur on the job in installation order, and the rest of the columns populate themselves to the right. I have used a simple lookup formula for "length" and "set #" since those are the same for every occurrence of the panel, but the problem I have run into is that I can only get my formula to return 1 value of the panel for Build and Group. For example panel 3004 above happens 6 times across multiple builds and groups, but it returns build 1 group 1 every time and the rest are lost.

Sorry for being wordy but I don't know how else to explain the problem.

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