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I see in the code of the Typescript compiler, an implementation of "HashTable" (in the files src/compiler/core/hashTable.ts).

Do you know is there a way I can use it directly in my Typescript project ?

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Did you ever get this working? If so, what did you do? –  David Thielen Nov 19 '13 at 20:20

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You can implement a very simple hashtable where the key is a string by defining an interface

class Person {
    name: string;

interface HashTable<T> {
    [key: string]: T;

var persons: HashTable<Person> = {};
persons["bob"] = new Person();
var bob = persons["bob"];

It can only be keyed on a string or a number though.

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Download the file "hashTable.ts" and put it right next to your file. Then at the top of your file do:

///<reference path='hashTable.ts' />

PS: I would recommend having a look at a lib TypeScript Generic Collections I authored. Here is a dictionary sample:

class Person {
    constructor(public name: string, public yearOfBirth: number,public city?:string) {
    toString() {
        return this.name + "-" + this.yearOfBirth; // City is not a part of the key. 

class Car {
    constructor(public company: string, public type: string, public year: number) {
    toString() {
        // Short hand. Adds each own property 
        return collections.toString(this);
var dict = new collections.Dictionary<Person, Car>();
dict.setValue(new Person("john", 1970,"melbourne"), new Car("honda", "city", 2002));
dict.setValue(new Person("gavin", 1984), new Car("ferrari", "F50", 2006));

// Changes the same john, since city is not part of key 
dict.setValue(new Person("john", 1970, "sydney"), new Car("honda", "accord", 2006)); 
// Add a new john
dict.setValue(new Person("john", 1971), new Car("nissan", "micra", 2010)); 

// Showing getting / setting a single car: 
console.log("Single Item");
var person = new Person("john", 1970); 

var car = dict.getValue(person);
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Is this still the best solution for type hashtables? Or do they have something similar in the core typescript now? Thanks. –  David Thielen Nov 19 '13 at 17:45
@DavidThielen sorry for the late notice : TypeScript does not ship with a standard library (like the BCL for .net). –  basarat Apr 9 at 9:07

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