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If i have to rename a table which has got synonyms, partitions, read permissions to other users etc.

what would be the best method to rename with out disturbing all of those?

A quick google search lead me to


Please let me know if this is the right approach


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Take a look here (preserves grants,etc): rename –  Glenn Sep 12 '13 at 1:22

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When you rename a table, the grants, partitions, indexes, triggers and constraints are not affected.

However, references to the table are not automatically updated - so you'll need to fix any synonyms, as well as any code (e.g. in views, stored procedures, packages, and triggers on other tables) that refers to the table directly.


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Yes, it is a right approach to rename a table in oracle, or you can either use,

RENAME old_name TO new_name;

But it invalidates all objects that depends on this table.

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