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I have a JQGrid(jqgrid-3.6.4) in my web page. The first column of that is check box. Based on click of a button, I need to check the check box of all rows of JQGrid. I cannot use "multiselect=true" because I need to have additional functionality on checking a check box. So far I have this to iterate through all rows of jqgrid and retrieve column values and set the checkbox in the first column:

var rows = jQuery("#demoJQGrid").getDataIDs();
for(var a=0;a<=rows.length;a++)
    var row=jQuery("#demoJQGrid").getRowData(rows[a]);          


    jQuery("#demoJQGrid").setRowData(rows[a],row );


This does not check the checkboxes when I click a button. Please help.

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Try this...

var cbs = $("tr.jqgrow > td > input.mycboxclass", jQuery("#demoJQGrid")[0]);
cbs.attr("checked", true)

where 'mycboxclass' is a class added to your checkbox elements.

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