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Could you please help me why my checked option in the following code is not working?

   <div class="span1">
    <label class="radio">

    <input id="pccf_sexMF" name="pccf_sexMF" value="M"  type="radio" checked   class="span1" > M
    <label class="radio">
    <input id="sexMF" name="pccf_sexMF" value="F"  type="radio"  class="span1"> F


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elaborate on "not working"? how is it not working? is it not checked? – kennypu Sep 11 '13 at 22:31
yes it is not checked! – Shima Mdz Sep 11 '13 at 22:32
working fine here: you might want to show the rest of any related HTML – kennypu Sep 11 '13 at 22:33
try checked="checked" – Logan Murphy Sep 11 '13 at 22:34
already tried this too! – Shima Mdz Sep 11 '13 at 22:34

It works on this fiddle

<div class="span1">
    <label class="radio">M</label>
    <input id="pccf_sexMF" name="pccf_sexMF" value="M" type="radio" checked="checked" class="span1"/>
    <label class="radio">F</label>
    <input id="sexMF" name="pccf_sexMF" value="F" type="radio" class="span1"/>
  • First - no such thing as h7
  • Only text should be in a label, not the input
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As I said in my comment, you could have another element with position:absolute that will cover your div because its height is bigger than you need it to be. Something like this:

To avoid this, you can set your div a relative position:

<div class="span1" style="position:relative">

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