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So, if you add float: left; to an element it is taken out of the flow right? And as far as I know this is also the case with position: absolute; so how is it that you can clear floated elements with a clearfix, but you can't do anything about absolutely positioned elements? What is the difference in how each are removed from the content flow?

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No, floating elements are not taken completely out of the flow like absolutely positioned elements are, they are just promoted to the elements that other content flow around. The original use of floating elements was for example an image in an article; by floating the image the text in the article would flow around it.

Note: a clearfix is not used to clear floating elements, it's used to contain floating elements inside another element. To clear floating elements you simply use the clear style.

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CSS 2.1. Section 9.3 Positioning Schemes. "2. Floats. In the float model, a box is first laid out according to the normal flow, then taken out of the flow and shifted to the left or right as far as possible. –  Alohci Sep 11 '13 at 23:35
@Alohci: That is taken out of it's context, you need also explain why it still affects the flow. It's just a different way of explaining the same thing. –  Guffa Sep 12 '13 at 6:06
No, I don't think I do. While the quote is out of its context (of course, all quotes are) I provide a link to its context. The CSS spec repeated says that floated elements are not in the flow, and it is unhelpful for you to directly contradict that, even if in other respects your answer is good. The fact that it continues to affect the flow, even though it is not itself in it, is a property of the flow and it's relationship to floated elements, but the details are beyond the scope of an SO comment. –  Alohci Sep 12 '13 at 6:39
@Alohci: I didn't mean that you should explain that in a comment, I mean that the quote is not complete in itself, it needs further explanation to answer what the OP is asking about, otherwise it just adds to the notion that floating and absolute positioning is the same. I see what you mean about my statement contradicting the specification though, so I adjusted it to avoid that. –  Guffa Sep 12 '13 at 6:45
I think you're still missing a "not". i.e. "... are not taken completely ..." –  Alohci Sep 12 '13 at 7:00
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Floated elements also are either right or left of the parent node, but can't be just ten pixels below the top with top: 10px; like absolute positioned elements. They always remain in some way connected to the flow, what makes it possible to use the clearfix.

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