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I have a package that I just made and I have an "old-mode" that basically makes it work like it worked before: importing everything into the current namespace. One of the nice things about having this as a package is that we no longer have to do that. Anyway, what I would like to do is have it so that whenever anyone does:

use Foo qw(:oldmode);

I throw a warning that this is deprecated and that they should either import only what they need or just access functions with Foo->fun();

Any ideas on how to do this?

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Well, as you specifically state that you want to alarm in the cases of use Mod qw<:oldmode>; This works better:

package Foo;
use base qw<Exporter>;
use Carp qw<carp>;
sub import { 
    #if ( grep { $_ eq ':oldmode' } @_ ) { # Perl 5.8
    if ( @_ ~~ ':oldmode' ) {              # Perl 5.10 
        carp( 'import called with :oldmode!' );
    goto &{Exporter->can( 'import' )};

Thanks to Frew, for mentioning the Perl 5.10 smart match syntax. I'm learning all the ways to work Perl 5.10 into my code.

Note: the standard way to use exporter in an import sub is to either manipulate $Exporter::ExportLevel or to call Foo->export_to_level( 1, @_ ); But I like the way above. It's quicker and, I think, simpler.

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Well really you did the same thing is moritz except specified the if statement, right? I mean, if I put if (@_ ~~ ':oldmode') {carp 'blah';} in his it would be the same right? – Frew Oct 9 '08 at 15:02

You write your own sub import in package Foo that will get called with the parameter list from use Foo.

An example:

package Foo;
use Exporter;

sub import {
    warn "called with paramters '@_'";

    # do the real import work
    goto &{Exporter->can('import')};

So in sub import you can search the argument list for the deprecated tag, and then throw a warning.

Update: As Axeman points out, you should call goto &{Exporter->can('import')}. This form of goto replaces the current subroutine call on the stack, preserving the current arguments (if any). That's needed because Exporter's import() method will export to its caller's namespace.

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