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I have an problem with eclipse juno when launching my app into a emulator. The problem have started recently.

I made a search on web for the problem . but I didnt get solution.

So, emulator starts but doesnt pass the "andorid" text on screen and app never been started.

I deleted all device and created new ones. But problem still exists.
what should I do?

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did you try rebooting your computer, and also try running eclipse as administrator if your using windows, maybe –  JRowan Sep 11 '13 at 23:45
ADT version? you must start it with intel x86 –  Anonymous Mohit Sep 11 '13 at 23:50
I am trying your advice, thanks –  Oğuzhan Ahmet Arık Sep 11 '13 at 23:51

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Do what was mentioned by Hi-Tech Kit Kat. Also if you check the box "Use Host GPU" it will considerably speed up start time as it uses you computers assets for the graphics. A lot of times the emulator works, it's just that you run out of patience.

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Usually Emulators take to on Startup say around even 5 mins

  1. You can have a try by Starting it lower version of android say to your mintargetsdk version
  2. If you have Intel x86 installed with android Platform you must use it.
  3. I recommend you to follow this Question's Answer to have a better setup Slow Android Emulator

and also for better performance than any emulator and like real device I would recommend to use Android x86 using Virtual Box

Debuging using Virtual machine like VMWare/VirtualBox?

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If you are running Eclipse on a laptop, you can change the Power Options. I have found that this is very helpful, instead of having to install/uninstall some items.

Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > Select "High Performance"

This helped my emulator start up much quicker than previously; there is minimal lag.

I hope this helps.

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