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I am using a commercial sever with FreeBSD system without root account. I install gnuplot with my account. But, I can not set up fonts. So, I copy the fonts files in my home directory such as ~/usr/fonts

Then, I use followed scripts in my gnuplot files:

set term png enhanced font '/home/Tom/usr/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts/verdana.ttf'
set out 'xrd.png'
set xlabel '2 {/Symbol q}'; 
set ylabel 'Count'; 
set xrange [:];
set yrange [:];
unset key;
set border lw 1;
plot './data.txt' using 1:2 with l linetype 1 linewidth 1;
set term xterm;
set out ;

However, I get the following errors when I run my scripts:

gdImageStringFT: Could not find/open font while printing string q with font Symbol
gdImageStringFT: Could not find/open font while printing string q with font Symbol

This might be because the font 'verdana.ttf' that I am using is not correct. But, I can use this font on my own PC with a Debian system.

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What versions of gnuplot and libgd do you use? What do you mean by 'the font is not correct'? – Christoph Sep 12 '13 at 14:04
I am using gnuplot 4.6. Unfortunately, I do not know my libgd version. Because I do not have a root account, I can not set up gnuplot well. There is no manual and help fine in my gnuplot. When I get the error message, there is no characters in my PNG figure created by gnuplot. so, I think the font that am using is wrong. – HXGuo Sep 12 '13 at 23:55
What permissions does verdana.ttf have? When you type ll in the terminal in the directory where the file is, what does the first column say? (something like -rw-r--r--) – Schorsch Sep 26 '13 at 12:32

Do not use /Symbol. That will not use the Verdana font.

According to this page, the Verdana font includes greek letters.

Use UTF-8 encoding by adding set encoding utf8 to your gnuplot file. Then insert the unicode symbol (according to this page: θ, greek small letter theta, U+03B8) into the label string using your favorite text editor.

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You can use "/Symbol" . Simply add to your file the line "set encoding utf8" At least, it works with arial font.

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