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I am new on Ubuntu, but I am loving it!

I have created an account on sourceforge.net for this course I am taking, and I am supposed to post python codes/files directly from my terminal (after I create the python file) in certain projects on sourceforge.

I entered my access RW code and made my system loud and everything, BUT when I try to add any files to the projects, for some reason these files don't appear on my sourceforge online account, although when I access my sourceforge's project's files from the terminal lists (ls) all the files and I can see my file!

When I try to access any .py files, the terminal keeps showing this message:

WARNING:root:could not open file '/etc/apt/sources.list'

What is wrong?

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If that's the actual warning, you've clearly edited some configuration file and made a typo, putting /ect/apt/sources.list where you meant /etc/apt/sources.list. (There is generally no such directory as /ect, and there's always a directory names /etc.)

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