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I have frameless main window, created by qml ( ApplicationWindow {..} in my main.qml file) I instantiate qml by QQmlApplicationEngine::load (class introduced in Qt5.1). If I set the Qt.FramelessWindowHint flag, the window is frameless, but loses shadow (in Windows). How to add shadow to my window?

My window listing:

ApplicationWindow {
    id: rootWindow
    color : "#f8f8f8"
    maximumHeight: 445
    minimumHeight: 445
    minimumWidth: 730
    maximumWidth: 730
    flags  : Qt.FramelessWindowHint  |  Qt.Window

    Component.onCompleted: {

            anchors.fill: parent

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Windows(TM) WM applies Shadow Effect to decorated windows, if I set Qt.FramelessWindowHint that shadow not applies to window. –  Dcow Sep 12 '13 at 2:07

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If you mean the drop shadow effect, that is not quite so.

We have no control over the WM decoration in Qt besides the frameless window flag you have just used. It is pretty much WM specific. Windows (TM) WM applies shadow effect to decorate windows, but this is a Windows (TM) choice. Also, you have just hinted that it should not decorate.

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