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Can one write plug-ins for Tableau? Is Tableau equipped with any sort of general-purpose scripting language?

e.g., for generating visualizations that cannot be created using the default Tableau tools, or for doing k-means clustering on a dataset using various metrics, etc...

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Tableau has several extension points at the moment.

  • If you publish to Tableau Server, On-Line or Public, then you can use Tableau's Javascript API to interact between your web app client and the Tableau visualization. Your javascript can be notified of events in the Tableau viz, and also effectively command it.

  • With both Tableau Server visualizations and Tableau desktop visualizations, you can create URL actions, so that users can select data and then cause HTTP GET requests to URLS that are based on info in the selected data.

  • If you have a data source that Tableau doesn't yet provide a driver for (there are many including ODBC), then you can write a program using their data extract API to extract data from your custom source and make it available to Tableau. You can also publish that source to Tableau server as frequently as needed to keep your visualizations current.

  • If you have specialized functions on your database server, you can access them from Tableau calculations using their sql pass through functions. You can also define a Tableau connection using arbitrary custom SQL which gives you another place to insert customizations.

  • Version 8.1 added integration with R so you can call R scripts from Tableau calculated fields.

  • Version 8.2 added a REST API to Tableau Server for administrative functions

  • There are also command line programs, tabcmd and tabadmin, that work with Tableau server that you can use to send commands to the server from your own scripts, but the REST API may be more convenient in many cases.

Hopefully, they'll continue to add additional APIs and integration hooks, but those are most of the options available now.

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At present, Tableau does not support plug-ins and does not provide a general-purpose scripting language.

There is a currently an Idea on the Tableau website to add Ruby as a scripting language which may cover some of the functionality that is required. The Ideas section is regularly reviewed by Tableau's Product Management team and is the best way of suggesting new functionality for Tableau's products.

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