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I need to add a column to a table in Spree's Admin backend. There is a data-hook on each <tr>.

So in theory I can insert_top a <td> on each row (and also insert a <th> in the <thead> and a <col> in the <colgroup>).

Is this the best way, or is there a better way?

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This is fairly easy to achieve using a few small files with the new .deface DSL. Eg with HAML (assuming Spree::Order has a custom attribute called distributor)


/ insert_top "[data-hook='admin_orders_index_headers']" 


/ insert_top "[data-hook='admin_orders_index_rows']"
  = order.distributor.name

If you want to alter the column widths, it's often easier just to overwrite the colgroup:

/ replace_contents "table#listing_orders colgroup" 
%col{style: "width: 10%"}
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