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Hi I am trying to populate country and state dropdown list in dropdowns using jquery.

My json looks like this


var myjson = [{"countryName":"Afghanistan","countryCode":"AF"},{"countryName":"United States","countryCode":"US" ,"state":["Alabama","Alaska","Arizona","Arkansas","California","Colorado","Connecticut","Delaware","Florida","Georgia","Hawaii","Idaho","Illinois","Indiana","Iowa","Kansas","Kentucky","Louisiana","Maine","Maryland","Massachusetts","Michigan","Minnesota","Mississippi","Missouri","Montana","Nebraska","Nevada","New Hampshire","New Jersey","New Mexico","New York","North Carolina","North Dakota","Ohio","Oklahoma","Oregon","Pennsylvania","Rhode Island","South Carolina","South Dakota","Tennessee","Texas","Utah","Vermont","Virginia","Washington","West Virginia","Wisconsin","Wyoming"]},
{"countryName":"United States Minor Outlying Islands","countryCode":"UM"},

My html

<select id = "country" name = "country" onchange= "getvalue()"></select>
<select id = "state" name = "state" onchage="getstate()"></select>

My javascript

function getvalue(){

 var country = document.getElementById("country").value;
 var divtemp = document.getElementById("test");
  for (var i = 0; i < myjson.length; i++ ) {

  if(myjson[i].state != null )
    for(var j = 0 ; j< myjson[i].state.length;j++)

        if(country === myjson[i].countryName)
        //divtemp.innerHTML= myjson[i].state[j] + "<br>"+divtemp.innerHTML;





This script function is populating states but when I select a another country the sates are appending to the earlier states list. I am not able to make out the changes required for my condition. I dont want to use Ajax to do this.

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Try this. In the head do this...

  //when the document is loaded, initialize my selectors
  function initCountries(){
     //put all countries into the country selector
     for (cix in myjson){
       var options='<option value="'+cix+'">'+myjson[cix].countryName+'</option>';
  //listen for the change event when the user chooses a country
  $("#country").change(function fillStates(){
    //find the country the user chose, then fill the states selector
    var cix=$(this).val();
    var states=myjson[cix].state;
    for (six in states){
        var options='<option value="'+states[six]+'">'+states[six]+'</option>';
  //listen for the change event when the user chooses a state
  $("#state").change(function stateSelected(){
    //show the state the user chose
    var six=$(this).val();


and in your body change the selectors like this...

<select id = "country"></select>
<select id = "state"></select>
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Clear state combobox on change of country..

document.getElementById('state').innerHTML = "";

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