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There's a snippet code here.

$ a=aa
$ b=bb
$ echo -e $a"\t"$b
aa       bb
$ c=`echo -e $a"\t"$b`
$ echo $c
aa bb
$ echo -e $c
aa bb

I wanna concat the $a and $b with tab, and set the result to variable c for a further use.
But When I echo $c, no tab display, only a space.
What should I do?

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In bash, a simpler way to embed the tab is c="$a"$'\t'"$b". Hmm. Maybe not simpler, but it does avoid a fork, since $'\t' is interpreted directly by the shell, instead of needing a subprocess to capture the output of echo. In bash 4 or greater, you can also use printf -v c "%s\t%s" "$a" "$b" to print directly to a variable. –  chepner Sep 12 '13 at 12:31

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Try this:

echo "$c"

You need to quote the variable. Moreover, since you already interpreted the escape sequence during the assignment to c, you don't need to specify -e while echoing the value.

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