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I don't know if the question suits better here or at http://ux.stackexchange.com, please advice.

I would like to know if are there studies about the perfect colour scheme for code editors? The combination among background/font colours, typo size, language highlights and so on, can in somehow affect your productivity?

Please note that's not about personal preferences, but facts.

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  1. For studies try look for some ergonomy papers
  2. yes color schemes affects productivity greatly
    • but its highly individual what is great for one programmer can ruin another.
    • from start of most programmers carrier is color scheme also a thing of 'been used to'.
    • I individually prefer dark background (better contrast and less intensity stress for my eyes).
    • The main idea is when you are comfortable with the look then you better perform your job.
    • In long term you have to consider your health
    • too big or small contrast will cause sight defects, headaches ...
    • the same goes for Font size my optimum is around 50-60 lines per page on 20" LCD.
    • too much lines of code to see at once makes comprehending of code harder
    • too less lines of code to see at once makes comprehending of code slow, even impossible
  3. also code formating style matters greatly and is very often forgotten
    • in multi programmers projects is the main idea to have single style for whole project.
    • this makes sense but managers should also consider to group programmers with the same coding style because to use different coding style for a programmer leads to slowing down performance and also increase in code errors.
    • for example look on some questions there are many styles posted here.
    • and some are very hard to read when you not used to them
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