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Is there a chance to remove + signs that merges category name that consists of two words?

Generated link looks like :


Between Dakšu and iekrāvēji is the problem, can I just leave with empty space ? Like this:

http://localhost:3000/lv/products?category=Dakšu iekrāvēji


Inside view I have like this.

<%= link_to (categ.name), products_path(:category => categ.name)   %> 


scope "(:locale)", :locale => /en|lv|ru/ do
   resources :products, :manufacturers, :categories, :news, :ActiveAdmin, :manufacturer_products, :about_us, :contacts, :services


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How did you "generate" that link? –  Mischa Sep 12 '13 at 5:43
@Mischa I updated my question. –  Edgars Rozenfelds Sep 12 '13 at 5:46

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The best way that i use : create a hash of the variables and use the methods to_query and append it to the path.

x = { "a" => "check1+123","b" => "check2" }

"a=check1%2B123&b=check2" is returned and can be appended to the path.

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If you use Regex like this, I think it should work

<% temp = link_to (categ.name), products_path(:category => categ.name)   %> 
<% temp.gsub!(/\+/," ") %>
<%= temp %>

what we have done is we will put the URL as a string in a temp variable and then replace the plus sign with a space character as you wanted. In the last step we have put that whole link again to the HTML.

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