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I want to add content into the middle of a text file in Powershell. I'm searching for a specific pattern, then adding the content after it. Note this is in the middle of the file.

What I have currently is:

 (Get-Content ( $fileName )) | 
      Foreach-Object { 
           if($_ -match "pattern")
                #Add Lines after the selected pattern
                $_ += "`nText To Add"
  } | Set-Content( $fileName )

However, this doesn't work. I'm assuming because $_ is immutable, or because the += operator doesn't modify it correctly?

What's the way to append text to $_ that will be reflected in the following Set-Content call?

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The only problem with your original is that you didn't output anything. Just append a $_ after the if(){} block ... – Jaykul Dec 9 '09 at 21:22
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Just output the extra text e.g.

(Get-Content $fileName) | 
    Foreach-Object {
        $_ # send the current line to output
        if ($_ -match "pattern") 
            #Add Lines after the selected pattern 
            "Text To Add"
    } | Set-Content $fileName

You may not need the extra ``n` since PowerShell will line terminate each string for you.

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How about this:

(gc $fileName) -replace "pattern", "$&`nText To Add" | sc $fileName

I think that is fairly straight-forward. The only non-obvious thing is the "$&", which refers to what was matched by "pattern". More info:

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Good suggestion. Doesn't work for what I need to do but would work in a more general case. – Jeff Dec 14 '09 at 17:25
@Jeff, I believe it is functionally equivalent to your one. – dan-gph Dec 21 '09 at 13:29

This problem could be solved by using arrays. A text file is an array of strings. Every element is a line of text.

$FileName = "C:\temp\test.txt"
$Patern = "<patern>" # the 2 lines will be added just after this pattern 
$FileOriginal = Get-Content $FileName

<# create empty Array and use it as a modified file... #>

[String[]] $FileModified = @() 

Foreach ($Line in $FileOriginal)
    $FileModified += $Line

    if ($Line -match $patern) 
        #Add Lines after the selected pattern 
        $FileModified += "add text'
        $FileModified += 'add second line text'
Set-Content $fileName $FileModified
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