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Is there a step-by-step guide about how to install the Indy 10 components in Lazarus?

I have checked out the last snv snapshot at Username: Indy-Public-RO (No password)

Thanks you

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Have you tried: Indy 10 Lazarus/FreePascal Port ?

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Yes, the svn version contain FreePascal Port (in the Branch Folder). I don't know how to compile it on Windows. Thank you Michal – Massimo Fazzolari Dec 11 '09 at 14:54
There is readme.txt. I compiled it with 'make all' then 'make install'. Use make from FPC bin catalog. – Michał Niklas Dec 12 '09 at 18:42

The wiki contains step by step installation instructions for Windows and Debian/Ubuntu :

INDY with Lazarus

I'm currently trying to get it to work on OSX.

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It's referred to an old version. It doesn't work with svn version. – Massimo Fazzolari Dec 11 '09 at 14:52

I just used the commands in Wiki and now I have tons of components running under Ubuntu/Lazarus.

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