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I have 1 window service which uses Google geocoder. I will have 1,00,000 request for geocoding each day by 1 customer and also I will have more than 10 customers. Every Customer will have their Business key for google and my window service will work only in 1 server system. So I will have only 1 IP address with multiple Google Business Keys. But Google Api allows only 1,00,000 request per IP Address for Business client. So Will google allow to geocode such all requests ? What is the solution to geocode all requests ?

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Refferring to the usage limits google allows 100.000 requests/day per client-ID, it doesn't matter from which IP the requests come from, google should allow all requests.

These limits apply to each Maps API for Business client ID and are shared across all applications and IP addresses using a given client ID.

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I'm not entirely sure what you mean by a "window service", but for distributed web applications where multiple customers are making the geocoding requests, it generally makes more sense to use the client-side Javascript Geocoding service, not the Geocoding web service. This way your customers can talk to Google directly, instead of having to route all requests through your server.

See also: Geocoding Strategies: When to Use Client-Side Geocoding

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