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I saw a site that implements a TextPrompt.


In the implementation, there is a setShow(Show.ALWAYS) method to always show the prompt text whether a JTextField has focus or not.

JTextField tf = new JTextField();
TextPrompt tp = new TextPrompt("Prompt", tf);

Is there a way to do it in JavaFX?

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The way is to override the default css style of pseudo class "focused" of textfield. To do that load your own css file with this

.text-field:focused {
    -fx-background-color: -fx-focus-color, -fx-text-box-border, -fx-control-inner-background;
    -fx-background-insets: -0.4, 1, 2;
    -fx-background-radius: 3.4, 2, 2;
    -fx-prompt-text-fill: transparent;  /* <----- Remove this line */

content and remove the -fx-prompt-text-fill attribute from it.

CSS loading example http://stackoverflow.com/a/9739698.

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Thanks @Uluk Biy! –  bimboxX Sep 13 '13 at 2:27
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