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I would like to add a Speech Recognition function to my C++ application programmed with XCode. I did some Speech Recognition library hunting and here are the best candidates:

  • OpenEars
  • CMUSphinx
  • Voce

Nevertheless, none of these solutions are satisfying, for several reasons (that might not be a 100% true statement).

My questions are:

  1. Did you ever try to use a Speech Recognition library in a C++ program with XCode?
  2. Do you have an advice about which library/framework to use?
  3. If some work has already been done, might it be possible to have a basic sample code of it? (just for the beginning...)

Note: the speech recognition function I would like to create is very simple: 10 words (in english) that increment 10 variables each time they are said and recognized, that's it.

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Okay, after some searches I figured out that the apple Carbon API had a SpeechRecognition.h framework!

The bad news is that it seems quite old and that the documentation/help on internet is quite poor...

Anyone to have some experience about this framework?

Thanks for your help!

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