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I would to add day number ordinal suffixs 26th, or 1st, or 2nd.

How can I do this in JSF using <f:convertDateTime>? I have tried using pattern attribute with dd, however this only prints the whole number without any ordinal suffix.

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Unfortunately, this isn't supported by SimpleDateFormat which is being used under the covers by <f:convertDateTime>.

You'd need to write a custom EL function for this. Such a function could look like this:

public static String getDayWithSuffix(Date date) {
    if (date == null) {
        return null;

    int day = Integer.valueOf(new SimpleDateFormat("d").format(date));

    if (day / 10 == 1) {
        return day + "th";

    switch (day % 10) {
        case 1: return day + "st";
        case 2: return day + "nd";
        case 3: return day + "rd";
        default: return day + "th";

And be used like this:


For remainder, like month of year, just use another output with <f:convertDateTime> the usual way.

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