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I have only found exampless of doing this with plain mp3 files, for example, Dancer.js library, it has a structure like this:

    AUDIO_FILE = '../songs/tonetest', <--------------------------
    waveform = document.getElementById( 'waveform' ),
    ctx = waveform.getContext( '2d' ),
    dancer, kick;

   * Dancer.js magic
    flashSWF : '../../lib/soundmanager2.swf',
    flashJS  : '../../lib/soundmanager2.js'

Now, in my app I create a sound from the oscilator:

   keyboard.keyDown(function (note, frequency) {
                    var oscillator = context.createOscillator(),
                        gainNode = context.createGainNode();

                    oscillator.type = 2;
                    oscillator.frequency.value = frequency;
                    gainNode.gain.value = 0.3;
                    if (typeof oscillator.noteOn !== 'undefined') {

My question is, can I use dance.js to pass my created sounds and create visualisation on or is it more complicated than that?

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