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I have a png file on gh-pages branch at Github, but I can't retrive it at GitHub Project Pages. What's problem?

By the way the other files are fine at github pages.



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http://shawnhuang.github.io is a GitHub Pages website generated from the https://github.com/ShawnHuang/shawnhuang.github.com repository. This is a User Pages repository.

As such the following url http://shawnhuang.github.io/images/pattern.png will in fact display the image located at https://github.com/ShawnHuang/shawnhuang.github.com/blob/master/images/pattern.png

GoogleDrive-API is a different repository and, as such, won't be embedded by the Jekyll generation process.

Three solutions come to mind:

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I'm so embarrassed to notice the wrong url. Thank you!!! I will fix it. –  Shawn Huang Sep 12 '13 at 9:28

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