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I have a text file with several lines like these ones:


And I want to get rid of the - and uppercase the following character using Notepad++ (I can also use other tool but if it doesn't get the problem more troublesome).

So I tried to get the characters with the following regex (?<=_)\w and replace it using \U\1\E\2 for the uppercasing trick but here is where my problems came. I think the regex is OK but once I click replace all I get this result:


as you can see it is only deleting the match.

Do you know where the problem is?


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The search regex has no capture groups, i.e. the \1 and \2 references in the replacement do not refer to anything.

Try this instead:

Search: _(\w)
Replace \U\1\E

There you have a capture group in the search part (the parenthesis around the \w) and the \1 in the replacement refers back to what was captured.

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will give you:


and for your

I can also use other tool but if it doesn't get the problem more troublesome

I suggest you try vim.

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Try this,


and replace with


here's a screenshot

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