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I have a design Mockup of a remote control with 4 buttons and a Text Display. Now i want to create an Android Activity which looks like this mockup. How can i do this. I think taking the design image as background for the activity is not the right way to do this (how would i make the buttons on the image clickable, etc...) Can anybody give me a hint how to start here?

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You should create 9-patches(or patterns) for each graphic element on your layout for proper layouting on all available devices. Then apply this patterns to your UI elemnt's(ImageView's, Buttons, TextViews) backgrounds. Refernces:

  1. http://developer.android.com/tools/help/draw9patch.html - 9-patch documentation
  2. http://android-ui-utils.googlecode.com/hg/asset-studio/dist/index.html - 9-patch creation
  3. http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/ui/declaring-layout.html - Layouting
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You can use your background easily but the rest need to be done in Android. First : download android sdk second : create your project third : code :)

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If you're familiar with HTML, that should be kinda similar. You separate the cliclable parts from the background (the buttons), and make them ImageView, setting an onClickListener.

You'll need some Photoshop skills to do that, or ask a buddy designer to do that for you :)

Be careful with multiple screen support, since the background may get trickier to make it look right on every supported screen size.

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But how would i position the buttons, etc. exactly where they belong to? –  user1291235 Sep 12 '13 at 9:22
You position them relatively to the background. Let's say the red button is at coordinates 100, 230. You then create an ImageView that has, for example, marginTop=100 and marginLeft=230 –  Felipe Lima Sep 12 '13 at 18:10

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