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Anaconda installs with Scipy, and in the scipy-0.12.0-np17py27_0.json file, this is listed:


In the library folder, this is listed:


But, running this:

import scipy.misc.pilutil as smp

Gives me this error:

AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'pilutil'
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The problem is that the scipy.misc.__init__ deletes the pilutil module - relevant code line - so you cannot import it directly. But all functions from the pilutil module are, before that, added to the misc module, and you can use them from there:

In [1]: from scipy import misc
In [2]: misc.fromimage
Out[2]: <function scipy.misc.pilutil.fromimage>
In [3]: misc.bytescale
Out[3]: <function scipy.misc.pilutil.bytescale>
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