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How to call angular function when data in text box? here is my code


<!DOCTYPE html!>
<html xmlns:ng="" data-ng-app="flightSearch" lang="en">
        <script src="js/jquery-1.9.1.js"></script>
        <script src="js/jquery-ui.js"></script>
        <script src="js/app.js"></script>
        <div data-ng-controller="flightSearchController">

<input type="text" data-ng-model="query" data-ng-change="flightSearch()" placeholder="e.g RGN>MDL, KAW>RGN"  id="targetTextField"  />

<input id="options3" type="text" style="display:none;"/>

<select id="options">
  <option value="From" selected>From</option>
  <option value="RGN" ng-click="flightSearch()">RGN</option>
  <option value="NYU" ng-click="flightSearch()">NYU</option>
  <option value="MDL" ng-click="flightSearch()">MDl</option>
  <option value="HEH" ng-click="flightSearch()">HEH</option>

<select id="options2">
  <option value="To" selected>To</option>
  <option value=">RGN" ng-click="flightSearch()">RGN</option>
  <option value=">NYU" ng-click="flightSearch()">NYU</option>
  <option value=">MDL" ng-click="flightSearch()">MDl</option>
  <option value=">HEH" ng-click="flightSearch()">HEH</option>

                <li data-ng-repeat="route in filteredItems"> 
                    <div data-ng-bind-html="route.displayRoute"></div>



<script src="js/angular.min.js"></script>
    <script src="js/angular-sanitize.min.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
        function buildPaths(route){
            var points = route.split(">");
            var paths = {};
            for(var i = 0; i < points.length; i++){
                var from = points[i];
                for(var j = i; j < points.length; j++){
                    var to = points[j];
                    if (from != to){
                        if(paths[from + ">" + to]){
                            if(j-i < paths[from + ">" + to][0])
                                paths[from + ">" + to] = [j-i,points.slice(i,j+1).join(">")]
                            paths[from + ">" + to] = [j-i,points.slice(i,j+1).join(">")]
                }//for j
            }//for i
            return paths;

        var flightSearch = angular.module('flightSearch',['ngSanitize']);
        flightSearch.controller('flightSearchController', function ($scope){

            // Data definitions, route is actual data,
            // display route is for higlight display purpose only.
            var dataRoutes = [
            {route: "RGN>NYU>MDL>HEH>RGN", displayRoute: "", paths: []},
            {route: "RGN>HEH>KYT>THK>KYT>HEH>RGN", displayRoute: "", paths: []},
            {route: "RGN>MDL>HEH>NYU>RGN", displayRoute: "", paths: []},
            {route: "RGN>MDL>STW>RGN", displayRoute: "", paths: []},
            {route: "RGN>NYU>MDL>MYT>PTO>MYT>MDL>NYU>RGN", displayRoute: "", paths: []},
            {route: "RGN>HEH>NYU>MDL>RGN", displayRoute: "", paths: []},
            {route: "RGN>TVY>MGU>KAW>MGU>TVY>RGN", displayRoute: "", paths: []},
            {route: "RGN>TVY>KAW>TVY>RGN", displayRoute: "", paths: []},
            {route: "RGN>KAW>MGU>TVY>RGN", displayRoute: "", paths: []}];

            // Pre-calculate the possible path the shortest distance
            for(var r = 0; r< dataRoutes.length; r++){
                dataRoutes[r]["paths"] = buildPaths(dataRoutes[r]["route"]);
                dataRoutes[r]["displayRoute"] = dataRoutes[r]["route"];

            // Assign the routes. This is unfiltered origintal data (all)
            $scope.routes = dataRoutes;

            // This is filtered list for dispaly
            $scope.filteredItems = $scope.routes;

            // Search/filter function. This updates filteredItems list
            $scope.flightSearch = function(){

                if($scope.query.length > 6){
                    $scope.filteredItems = [];
                    for(var index in $scope.routes){
                        $scope.routes[index]["displayRoute"] = $scope.routes[index]["route"];
                        if($scope.routes[index]["paths"][$scope.query] !== undefined){
                            var match = $scope.routes[index]["paths"][$scope.query][1];$scope.query
                            $scope.routes[index]["displayRoute"] = $scope.routes[index]["route"].replace(match,"<b>" + match + "</b>");
                    for(var r = 0; r< $scope.routes.length; r++){
                        $scope.routes[r]["displayRoute"] = $scope.routes[r]["route"];
                    $scope.filteredItems = $scope.routes;
                return function(text){
                        return text;
    <script type="text/javascript">
        $(function() {

function setTarget(){
    var tmp = $("#options").val();
    tmp += $("#options2").val();
    tmp += $("#options3").val();


when two select option insert data in text box want to call search function on change.strong text

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You can access the scope of an angular element if you have an ID tag attached to the same DOM element as the ng-controller:

the DOM:

<div id="mycontroller" ng-controller="mycontroller"></div>

your controller:

function mycontroller($scope) {
   $scope.myfunction = function() {
      //do some stuff here

in jquery you do this and it will access that controller and call that function :


Do remember to call


if you update a function variable within scope in myfunction, it will not work otherwise (thanks @andersh)

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Why not just $('#mycontroller').scope().myfunction()? – cbmanica Jan 9 '14 at 23:22
if i'm going to use an angular method "scope" to access something I am going to use an angular selector angular.element() is angulars version of $() – btm1 Jan 11 '14 at 17:03
You may also need to call scope.$apply() if you update a scope variable in myfunction – andersh Sep 9 '14 at 10:44
if ng-controller="mycontroller as child" then access with angular.element('#mycontroller').scope().child.myFunction(); - see – Yarin Apr 20 at 13:27

if you use in your code something like this

<div id="mycontroller" ng-controller="mycontroller as child"></div>

instead of

<div id="mycontroller" ng-controller="mycontroller"></div>

the access will be


instead of


in every case you also need the call

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for accessing scope element of the controller


for accessing controller function


controllerId : tag id where the ng-controller is defined in HTML

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