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I have seen similar threads like this where the solution is a tertiary if.

My question is, why even get such an error if Strings are nullable?

I am reading a value of a text column in access using ado.net. Whenever there is a row with an empty text column i get that error.


while (dr.Read())
      UserList.Add(new UserInfo()
          DestributionGroup = (string)dr["Destribution Group"]
class UserInfo
    public string DestributionGroup;


So in other words I have to convert all of my strings that I am reading from the DB into a line similar to this?

return (accountNumber == DBNull.Value) ? string.Empty : accountNumber.ToString ()

No other way around it?

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Because null != System.DBNull –  Heslacher Sep 12 '13 at 8:35

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Because null != DBNull.Value.

But you can check if it the value in the DataReader is null with the IsDbNull method:

DestributionGroup = dr.IsDbNull("Destribution Group") ? "" : dr.GetString("Destribution Group");
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You can use this if you don't mind DestributionGroup being set to null when dr["Destribution Group"] is DBNull.Value :

DestributionGroup = dr["Destribution Group"] as string;
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