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I have always used TortoiseSVN + Notepad++ to develop websites and applications in a shared repository. But I want to use Eclipse IDE instead of Notepad++.
I did a checkout to my SVN repository with TortoiseSVN and now I want to import the SVN project (a Liferay project) into Eclipse and commit files to SVN repository directly from Eclipse IDE. How can i accomplish this?

Thanks for help!

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You need to install an SVN Plugin. I would recommend Subversive you can find it in the Eclipse Marketplace (Help -> Eclipse Marketplace...).

After this you have to install an SVN Connector. I would recomment SVNKit. Then you can open the Eclipse perspective SVN Repository Exploring and configure your SVN repository.

Now you can make all SVN operations directly from Eclipse and there is no need to use TortoiseSVN anymore.

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The easiest is to use a SVN plugin for eclipse such as Subclipse - http://subclipse.tigris.org/. Once installed you would not have any dependency to TortoiseSVN.

Also note that if you wish to use both Subclipse and TortoiseSVN on the same files on your file system, your working copy format version supported by the respective clients must be the same.

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subclipse.tigris.org/update_1.10.x the url you can directly access to install subclipse. –  Darpan Mar 28 '14 at 5:42

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