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What I need to achieve is ability to insert "fields" inside FlowDocument (edited by RichTextbox).

By "field" I mean something with a name that should be only editable (moveable, cut'n'pasteable, deletable, reformattable) like a single character.

So user could for example insert a field: "FirstName" and this field - once inserted into FlowDocument - should always behave like if it was single character. So user could delete it, cut'n'paste it to another place, change font, size, enable bold and so on. But he should NOT be able to edit it (from "FirstName" to "LastName" for example).

Insertion will be done by buttons in tool bar shown above richtextbox - this is not the problem.

I tried to use custom InlineUI as fields - caret was properly moved around them, but I was not able to reformat them. They were also not cut'n'pastable (serializable).

So this is take two - I'm trying to add a logic that forbids some caret positions (makes caret skip some positions). I hope this will be enough to block user from editing field name.

The logic of how to decide if given position should be skipped is not the problem (I will probably just keep a list of TextPointer objects pointing to starts of all fields in current document).

The logic behind serializing is not the problem either. I will probably just encode \ as \; " as \"; and each Field as "Field". This way I should be able to easily detect if given "Field" inside document is Field name or field's name entered by user as text.

So current problem is how to actually block caret from taking some positions.

I originally wanted to inherit from TextPointer and override some methods like "IsCaretPosition", "GetInsertionPosition", but unfortunatelly it looks like:

  • those functions are not virtual
  • TextPointer is immunable and often creates copies of itself, would need to intercept all those copies and make tchem copies of my class
  • TextPointer uses native code inside it's functions and I can't just easily check what is done inside it

So next idea is altering how RichTextBox handles caret. Hoping I could handle it myself to force skipping some positions.

Any hints how to do that / where to start?

EDIT: I have found something similar here: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/357120/Custom-Richtextbox-for-text-tip-like-screen-tip-pr

Unfortunatelly it doesn't work like it should (I can stil delete part of protected text, copy text inside it or 'drop' inside it using drag'n'drop). But more problematic is that it is a winforms solution only.

I use WPF for the project and System.Windows.Controls.RichTextBox doesn't have SelectionProtected property.

So I'm still waiting for hints...

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