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I am plotting simple 2D graph using loglog function in python as follows,

plt.loglog(x,y,label='X vs Y);

X and Y are both lists of floating numbers of n size

I want to fit a line on same graph, I tried numpy.polyfit , but I am going nowhere,

How to fit a line using polyfit if your graph is already in loglog scale ?

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Can you show us what you have tried? – tcaswell Sep 12 '13 at 14:50
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Numpy doesn't care what the axes of your matplotlib graph are.

I presume that you think log(y) is some polynomial function of log(x), and you want to find that polynomial? If that is the case, then run numpy.polyfit on the logarithms of your data set:

import numpy as np
logx = np.log(x)
logy = np.log(y)
coeffs = np.polyfit(logx,logy,deg=3)
poly = np.poly1d(coeffs)

poly is now a polynomial in log(x) that returns log(y). To get the fit to predict y values, you can define a function that just exponentiates your polynomial:

yfit = lambda x: np.exp(poly(np.log(x))

You can now plot your fitted line on your matplotlib loglog plot:


And show it like this

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Thanks, I need to go through the basic of polynomial fitting, i was having trouble with coeff and yfit – Pradeep Sep 13 '13 at 17:40
So here we took a 3rd degree polynomial in log x that fits with log y. and then calculated new values of y taking exponential of f(logx). I plotted using ax.plot so not on log scale. It actually worked on my data. But I don't get why? – Pretty Mar 6 '14 at 20:03
@Pretty I am not sure I understand your comment. You fitted a polynomial to (log(x), log(y)) data and then plotted x vs. y? Why would you expect that not to work? If log(y) = P(log(x)), where P is some polynomial, then y = exp(P(log(x)) = yfit(x), by definition of yfit. Plotting plt.plot(x,yfit(x)) will show a good fit, provided P itself is a good fit for the logs of the data. – Pascal Bugnion Mar 11 '14 at 14:57

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