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I am somewhat lost here ... I use an Oracle JDBC driver (ojdbc6.jar) to establish a connection to an oracle 11 database in an Java 7 application. My "outer statement" fetches a lot of ids and some other stuff from my databse (returning a ResultSet with 4-5k rows). I verified this already by comparing the rows in the table with the rows in the ResultSet and they are as expected. My test:

System.out.println("last: " + migration.getRow());

This returns the correct number of rows (migration is my ResultSet). Now i want to iterate through this ResultSet creating additional Queries like this:

while (migration.next()) {
    String q = "select * from table2 where id = " + migration.getInt("ID");
    Statement innerStatement = con.createStatement();
    ResultSet data = innerStatement.executeQuery(q);
    while(data.next()) {
        // do stuff


For some reasons that i don't understand, that first while loop breaks "in the middle" terminating the loop without any exceptions at all.

It happens between row 1500 and 1900. the actual row number seems to be random everytime i run the programm. So it might have something to do with memory? My app only uses up to 50mb of memory while it COULD use up to 4 GB (JVM max heap is set to 4096).

When i comment this line out:

ResultSet data = innerStatement.executeQuery(q);

the loop runs through all those ~5k rows as it should do and does not break after 1500-1900 rows...

Any idea what's going wrong (and why i do not get any exceptions at all?).

UPDATE: the problem is caused by the SwingWorker i was using... still no idea why because the exact same code (copy & paste) works very good when executed in the main function of the program and does NOT work when executed in my SwingWorker. so now i get the right DB-jobs done, but they block the Swing GUI (that was why i used the SwingWorker...)

Any idea why and how to fix that?

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try logging the query before executing it to find for which query it is breaking? –  Pokuri Sep 12 '13 at 10:53
What happens in // do stuff block? in particular, are you creating objects which have a reference back to the Statement (innersStatement) or the ResultSet (data)? –  vikingsteve Sep 12 '13 at 10:55
Are you really sure it's not generating an exception that you're catching and ignoring somewhere further up the stack? At a guess I'd wonder if you're hitting ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded, if you're looping too fast for the resources to be released cleanly. Why are you creating a new statement each time, rather than creating a parameterised statement once and just changing the parameter before each execution? –  Alex Poole Sep 12 '13 at 11:07
like i said, the row number that breaks is always "random". so it cant be the query itself (thats why logging wouldnt help, already did that). the row order is always the same. this is a really strange thing -.-. especially because i dont get any exceptions at all. @vikingsteve: the // do stuff block can be ignored. everytime it breaks, it breaks at the "ResultSet data = innerStatement.executeQuery(q);" line and thus never reaches the // do stuff block. –  Ulathar Sep 12 '13 at 11:08
@alex poole: yes i am sure ;). i am catching nothign at all prior to that code part. also the ORA-01000 exception was thrown in the past as i forgot to close() each statement in the loop (i now do so there cant be to many of the mat the same time because i only have ONE for each loop step which is closed right after its usage...). –  Ulathar Sep 12 '13 at 11:10

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