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We usually define some beans with their properties in the Spring context file and write some setter methods in the class.

Let's say I want to do the opposite. I have a bean in the context file and want to declare some properties from the class, or initialize values of declared properties in the context from the class. How do I do that?

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rephrase your question - it is unclear. – Bozho Dec 9 '09 at 19:24
I, too, have no idea what you're trying to achieve. The context file just gives you the ability to create a pool of (potentially) pre-created objects with defined properties... but nothing prevents you from further modifying the properties of those objects after retrieving them from the context. – delfuego Dec 9 '09 at 19:27

You will need to define a BeanFactoryPostProcessor. Bean factory post processors have the ability to alter or add to the context before spring fully initializers.

For more information please see the spring manual chapter for this: Chapter 3

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You could either the util Spring XML namespace util:property-path or a PropertyPathFactoryBean to reference a bean's property as value for a property.

Please note that the property you refer to does not need to be defined by Spring, it can be set in code, like your question suggests you want to do

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