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Let's say I have a ViewModel:

public class MyViewModel : MvxViewModel
    public override void Start()
        //Important things would happen here!

When I would use now ShowViewModel<MyViewModel>(); from any other ViewModel, it will walk into the overrided Start() Method from the MyViewModel.

However it doesn't walks into when I'm navigating from a Back/Return-Button.

The BackButton was built like that:

class MyPresenter : MvxModalSupportTouchViewPresenter
    public INMobileAdminPresenter(UIApplicationDelegate applicationDelegate, UIWindow window)
        : base(applicationDelegate, window)

    protected override UINavigationController CreateNavigationController (UIViewController viewController)
        var toReturn = base.CreateNavigationController (viewController);
        toReturn.NavigationBarHidden = false;
        return toReturn;

In the AppDelegate.cs I'm doing then following:

public partial class AppDelegate : MvxApplicationDelegate
    UIWindow window;

    public override bool FinishedLaunching(UIApplication app, NSDictionary options)
        window = new UIWindow(UIScreen.MainScreen.Bounds);

        //var presenter = new MvxTouchViewPresenter(this, window);
        var presenter = new MyPresenter(this, window); //Here my Presenter instead of the standard one

        //and so far....

It's important for me to walk into the Start() Method from the ViewModel everytime - regardless if I'm using now ShowViewModel or if the navigation goes from the BackButton because I'm Subscribing there some relevant Eventaggregationmessages.

Any help appreciated!

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I don't have any knowledge about mobile development but is it something to do with the caching? Just like in browser application when you hit back button and previous request is a POST request the browser asks you whether you want to fetch the data again from the server by posting it again. –  Nilesh Sep 12 '13 at 11:13
It just could be a similiar problem like u described. Anyway I don't know how to solve it here. –  eMi Sep 12 '13 at 11:49

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Why is there a difference between navigating to the View (Back Button and ShowViewModel)?

The Back button navigation is part of iOS - built into the UINavigationController

ShowViewModel navigation is something built into MvvmCross.

The Start call is part of the MvvmCross ViewModel construction mechanism - see Wiki:How ViewModels are constructed - so it is only called when a new ViewModel is constructed - it's not called each time a ViewModel's View is made visible - which could be via back, via tab switching, etc.

How to solve it?

If you really want to change the Back navigation so that it calls Start - then you will need to change Back so that it constructs a new ViewModel. You could probably do this using some form of special UINavigationController (perhaps via a delegate) and/or intercepting the left bar button items so that they perform ShowViewModel calls. Depending on your UI, you may also need to intercept other calls within the UI too (e.g. if you are using tabs, flyouts, fragments or some other presentation method).

Alternatively, if you just want to intercept View events like OnNavigatedTo, ViewWillAppear, and OnResume and to pass those on to your ViewModel, then you can do this by not using Start, but instead adding some custom IActiveViewModel interface to your ViewModel and then calling this from appropriate hooks within your views. For more on this approach there are some comments and notes in:

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