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I wanted to create sortable tabs using uiSortable directive (https://github.com/angular-ui/ui-sortable) and tabs from AngularUI bootstrap (http://angular-ui.github.io/bootstrap/). Important thing for me is an ability to sort elements in model, by using ng-model. So, I added ui-sortable and ng-model="someArray" on element. It doesn't work that way, because tabset is being replaced with structure like that:

    <li>tab 1 header</li>
    <li>tab 2 header</li>
    <li>tab 3 header</li>
  <div class="tab-content"> tabs content </div>

and in effect, sortable is applied to outer div so I can grab ul and .tab-content when in fact I wanted to sort those li elements.

My first try on solving that problem was creating uiSortableTabs directive with compile function that adds ui-sortable attribute to ul (using just attr()). Good thing is that now tabs are sortable. Bad thing is that now sortable is not aware of model. I tried invoking .attr('ng-model',attrs.ngModel) on that ul together with adding that ui-sortable. Now sortable see the model, but it's undefined.

Does anyone know how to make sortable tabs with updatable model or how to correctly add directive to an element, together with ngModel using compile function in other directive?

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I was working with a similar one, my solution is to use jQuery ui sortable directly and change the data model by hooking the start and stop event.

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