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I'm stuck with the following:

foo = properties[field] || overrides.default || config.widget.default || undefined;


console.log(properties[field])     // undefined
console.log(overrides.default)     // 0
console.log(config.widget.default) // undefined

So as I understand, foo should be 0. Yet... it's undefined

This still works:

foo = properties[field] || overrides.default;

But as soon as I add another OR option, it does not work anymore.

Why is my 2nd operand with value=0 not overriding the undefined operands?


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The || operator returns its left-hand operand if it is truthy, otherwise it returns the right-hand operand.

In your example, all operands have falsey values, so the compound || statement returns the right-most value.

In JS, the following are all falsey: 0, "" (empty string), undefined, null, NaN. And of course false. All other values are truthy (including strings like "0" or "false" because they're not empty strings).

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is it because 0 is a falsey value, too? –  frequent Sep 12 '13 at 11:45
pitty if I have to set a default value of 0... thanks :-) –  frequent Sep 12 '13 at 11:47

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