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I am facing a weird issue in a requirejs/backbonejs application. I have a Globals.js file which returns reusable utilities. It looks something like this.

['newapp/routers/index', 'newapp/controllers/index', 'newapp/utilities'],
function(Router, Controller, Utilities) {
    return {
        router: new Router({controller: Controller}),
        utilities: Utilities,
        navigate: function(path, opts) {
            this.router.navigate('app/' + path, opts);



When I require this module in modules that return Backbone Views, it is able to resolve Globals to an object and call methods on it. However, when I try to include it in a module that returns another object, it's resolved to undefined.

For example the code below is able to resolve Globals to the properties it exposes

['marionette', 'templates', 'newapp/globals', 'newapp/views/Loader'],
function(M, T, Globals, mixins){
    "use strict";

    return M.ItemView.extend(
        _.extend({}, mixins, {

            template: T.brandPageInfo,
            events: {
                'click #getProductsForBrands': 'getProductsForBrands',
                'click button[id^="goto__"]': 'actionOnGotoButtons'
            onRender: function() {
            getProductsForBrands: function(e) {
                var searchQuery = this.model.get('name');
                Globals.navigate('search?q=' + searchQuery, {trigger: true});

But the code below gives an error: Globals is undefined

    'newapp/collections/Boards', 'newapp/globals'
    BoardsCollection, Globals
    ) {
    var boardsList;

    return {
        ensureBoardList: function() {
            var defer = $.Deferred();

            if (!boardsList || (boardsList && !boardsList.length)) {
                boardsList = new BoardsCollection();
                    data: {_: (new Date()).getTime()},
                    success: function (boardsListCbData) {
                        boardsList = boardsListCbData;
            } else {

            return defer.done(function (boardsList) {
                //make the boardsList usable for direct UI rendering by any view
                return Globals.utilities.getFormattedBoardsCollection(boardsList);



How do I make Globals accessible in the second example?

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Make sure you don't have any circular dependencies e.g.:

  • globals depends on newapp/controllers/index
  • newapp/controllers/index depends on the last module you displayed (we'll call it module M)
  • module M depends on global

Since each module depends on the other, the only thing RequireJS can do is set one of them to undefinedto "break the cycle" and get the other modules to load.

As far as I can tell, this is the most probable source of your problem, not the fact that you're returning another object.

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