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scrollto js not highlighting all links i have 4 links home, payer, provider, about us .

its working fine till provider but when i scroll or click to about us it does not highlight about us link.

<div class="container">
        <ul id="gn-menu" class="gn-menu-main">
            <li class="gn-trigger">
                <a class="gn-icon gn-icon-menu"><span>Menu</span></a>
                <nav class="gn-menu-wrapper">
                    <div class="gn-scroller">
                        <ul class="gn-menu" id="ulist">

                                <a class="home" href="#section1">HOME</a>

                            <li><a class="providers" href="#section2" onclick="ToggleList('b')">PROVIDERS</a>
                         <div id="b" class="divInfo">   <ul class="gn-submenu">
                                    <li><a class="gn-icon gn-icon-illustrator" href="#">EPM</a></li>
                                    <li><a class="gn-icon gn-icon-illustrator" href="#">ECVS</a></li>


                            <li><a class="payers" onclick="ToggleList('c')">PAYERS</a>
                            <div id="c" class="divInfo">
                            <ul class="gn-submenu">
                                    <li><a class="gn-icon gn-icon-illustrator" href="#">Remediware</a></li>
                                    <li><a class="gn-icon gn-icon-illustrator" href="#">Quick Claim</a></li>


                            <li><a class="about" href="#section3" onclick="ToggleList('d')">ABOUT US</a>
                            <div id="d" class="divInfo">

                            <ul class="gn-submenu">
                                    <li><a class="gn-icon gn-icon-illustrator" href="management-team.html">Management - Team</a></li>
                                    <li><a class="gn-icon gn-icon-illustrator" href="career.html">Careers</a></li>
                                    <li><a class="gn-icon gn-icon-photoshop" href="contact us.html">Contact Us</a></li>

                                <a class="log">Login</a>
                    </div><!-- /gn-scroller -->
            <li style="background:none;"><a href="#section1" style="background:none;"><img src="images/logo.png" width="225" height="31" style="vertical-align:middle;"></a></li>
            <li><a  href="#section2"><span>PROVIDERS</span></a>

            <ul class="nav">
                                    <li><a href="#">EPM</a></li>
                                    <li><a href="#">ECVS</a></li>


            <li><a  href="#"><span>PAYERS</span></a>

            <ul class="nav">
                                    <li><a href="#">REMIDIWARE</a></li>
                                    <li><a href="#">QUICK CLAIMS</a></li>



            <li><a  href="#section3"><span>ABOUT US</span></a>

            <ul class="nav">
                                    <li><a href="management-team.html">Management - Team</a></li>
                                    <li><a href="career.html">Careers</a></li>
                                    <li><a href="contact us.html">Contact Us</a></li>

            <li><a class="login codrops-icon codrops-icon-drop" href="#" style="color:#FFF;"><span>login</span></a></li>

    </div><!-- /container -->

here is the script

 $(document).ready( function() {

var aChildren = $(".gn-menu li").children(); // find the a children of the list items
var aArray = []; // create the empty aArray
for (var i=0; i < aChildren.length; i++) {    
    var aChild = aChildren[i];
    var ahref = $(aChild).attr('href');
} // this for loop fills the aArray with attribute href values

    var windowPos = $(window).scrollTop()+25; // get the offset of the window from the top of page
    var windowHeight = $(window).height(); // get the height of the window
    var docHeight = $(document).height();

    for (var i=0; i < aArray.length; i++) {
        var theID = aArray[i];
        var divPos = $(theID).offset().top; // get the offset of the div from the top of page
        var divHeight = $(theID).height(); // get the height of the div in question
        if (windowPos >= divPos && windowPos < (divPos + divHeight)) {
            $("a[href='" + theID + "']").addClass("nav-active");
        } else {
            $("a[href='" + theID + "']").removeClass("nav-active");

    if(windowPos + windowHeight == docHeight) {
        if (!$(".gn-menu li:last-child a").hasClass("nav-active")) {
            var navActiveCurrent = $(".nav-active").attr("href");
            $("a[href='" + navActiveCurrent + "']").removeClass("nav-active");
            $(".gn-menu li:last-child a").addClass("nav-active");

any solutions will be a great help

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