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I have an Action Type configured with an Action Link (e.g. Linked Action + Action Link URL). I've verified the URL is secure (https), has a valid SSL certificate and is under the configured App Domains for the app.

The Action Type's story is published properly, however when I click on the Action Link, the link turns into an error message:

There was an error on [MY APP].

On older stories it also says

Invalid Open Graph Action Link domain for URL ?signed_request=[BASE64 ENCODED REQUEST]

Looking at the Web Server logs, I can verify the request did not reach my server. Is thre any way to debug this issue to understand why the request isn't being sent?

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Were you able to find a solution for this? If so, can you please share that? We are also seeing the same error even on freshly created OG posts. We are using a self-signed SSL certificate for our staging setup, where we are currently seeing this error. –  brahmana Oct 17 '13 at 8:19

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It appears in your "invalid...domain for url" issue may be related to having ever saved/updated your parent action type while no Action Link URL was set. The admin area indicates you can re-submit for approval but this is apparently not true. I believe you must delete the action type completely, and create it again. Problems with action links date date back to eternity and even stay triaged forever. When all else fails, delete both action types (the parent and the linked action), submit for approval, and try again.

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