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I have c project which imported in Netbeans with its makefile. All things go well. But when I have added a new file, I see that Netbeans does not compile it?

I think that I must create a new makefile to contains command which compile the new file. But how?

P.S: Makefile is created after running ./configure command.

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If you have a Makefile.am or possible a Makefile.in file in your project, that's the file you have to add the new file. In the case of Makefile.am it should be pretty obvious (just look for something ending with _SOURCES followed by a list of all source files). If you don't have a Makefile.am then you simply have to find where the other source files are and add the new source there.

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I have both of them. I changed Makefile.am and added new source,but it was not compiled! Should I change the Makefile.in ? –  SuB Sep 12 '13 at 12:53

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