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I am trying to reorganize my navigation menu. I want it to have only one product page button and a couple of CMS pages. I don`t want any categories on it. I know how to put additional buttons to the menu, but if I try to remove the category the whole menu disappears. Any suggestion? I am runing the latest magento with a custom theme. P.S. I tried to edit the top.phtml site but I am not very confident with coding. Thanks

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you can change menu as you want to customize and want to add your link


add your link to topmenu.phtml

hope this will sure help you.

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I dont have that file. I forgot to mention that its magento community edition. I tried to edit app\design\frontend\default\your_theme\template\catalog\navigation\top.phtml without success – user2772695 Sep 12 '13 at 13:09
i have update my answer. Please check will sure help you – liyakat Apr 29 '14 at 4:08

You can read this tutorial - Adding Page Links to the Main Menu

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