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I'm new in iOS development, and in Objective-C, so I have some problems with using GCDAsyncSocket library. Here my code:

- (void)processFrame:(CMSampleBufferRef)frame
        NSData *frameData = [AVCaptureStillImageOutput jpegStillImageNSDataRepresentation:frame];
        int size = [frameData length];
        Byte *sizeBytes= (Byte*)&size;
        [_currentDataBlock appendBytes:sizeBytes+3 length:1];
        [_currentDataBlock appendBytes:sizeBytes+2 length:1];
        [_currentDataBlock appendBytes:sizeBytes+1 length:1];
        [_currentDataBlock appendBytes:sizeBytes   length:1];
        [_currentDataBlock appendData:frameData];

            _framesCount = 0;
            [[DataSocketManager getInstance] writeData:[[NSData alloc] initWithData:_currentDataBlock] withTag:ALERT_VIDEO_FRAME];
            _currentDataBlock = nil;
            _currentDataBlock = [[NSMutableData alloc] init];

DataSocketManager is a wrapper over GCDAsyncSocket, it only calls [writeData: data withTimeout: timeout tag: tag] method while calling [DataSocketManager writeData: withTag:].

So it works fine, but after some time application receives memory warning and finishes it's work. If I comment writeData method, there are no any memory warnings and app doesn't crash. This method is called as a timerEvent every 0.5 second. Has anybody already solve such problem?

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